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Fertasa is a recognised and preferred body aimed at promoting the image of the fertiliser industry through:

  • Promoting the integrity of each member and building preferential trust for their products and services.
  • Enhancing and protecting the interest of its members through effective engagement with government and organised agriculture.

This is because Fertasa members are committed to:

  • A code of conduct;
  • An audited set of standards;
  • Relevant scientifically based recommendations;
  • Continual learning and improvement


To provide a credible platform to promote the responsible and sustainable use of fertilisers.


To be recognised as the representative voice for the fertiliser industry and as the stamp of approval for responsible and sustainable soil fertility and plant nutrition in Southern Africa.

Code of Conduct

Members of Fertasa subscribe to a code of conduct and undertake to:

  • Conform to the mission and objectives of Fertasa as stipulated in the Memorandum of Incorporation;
  • Act in accordance with the letter and spirit of laws and regulations which have relevance on the fertiliser and agricultural lime industries;
  • Respect and honour contractual agreements entered into with their customers and suppliers;



    --------->Recommended by Fertasa for their fields of expertise


Fertasa announces with pride its members who have been awarded the Fertasa Certificate of Compliance:

Metson Manufacturing
Profert - Davey Road, Durban
Profert - Methvin Road, Durban
Liquigro Holdings
Experse - a Division of AECI Limited
Omnia Fertilizers
Profert Argent
Profert - Port Elizabeth
NWK Limited

To request an audit of your facilities please contact
------ Joe Hanekom
------ Africompliance
------ joe@africompliance.co.za


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